darkness is death (zombie roleplay)
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darkness is death is a zombie roleplay. It is set in the modern day however zombies walk the earth.
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 Zombie Roleplay - Doom's Falls

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Zombie Roleplay - Doom's Falls Empty
PostSubject: Zombie Roleplay - Doom's Falls   Zombie Roleplay - Doom's Falls EmptyThu Apr 21, 2011 4:07 pm

Name of Board: Zombie Roleplay
Link to Board: http://zombie-forum.com/zombie-roleplay/

Plot/Story:This plot is for just one of our many roleplay's, Doom's Falls

Doom's Falls is a vibrant little town that has been growing steady since the citycenter has had a few large chain companies setup shop. Before we knew it the area was booming and we had a booming suburban area with houses being squeezed in wherever they would fit. The area went from a sleepy little town with a little tourist attraction to a lively area in what seems like overnight. I never liked having all of these new people around as they were too "uppity" and made us natives feel like we weren’t good enough. But we all learned to deal with them... and our new traffic problems as our old roads weren’t built to handle all of the new cars these businessmen brought with them.

Later that year reports from the south said that there were a lot of strange attacks happening but the bodies were never found. After this even more people were moving into our little town to get away from what the reports described as gang violence. Not long after the southerners started moving up here the reports said the gang violence has made its way along as well. Doom's Falls, a town where everyone used to know each other's name, went from an area where the worst crime was shoplifting... to an area full of murder. And the murder all followed the same path.. lots of blood but never any bodies found. They even put in a curfew for everyone (even the adults).

It's nice to reminisce about back when things were good. Now life is a living terror. They found out that it wasn't gang violence but some sort of virus that brings people back to life from death. That's why no bodies were ever found... the people who were attacked just walked away later and started attacking others. They are kinda slow, but there are so many that I'm lucky to still be alive. I'm almost out of food though and will have to leave again to the store but I barely made it back last time. That was the last time I saw mom, she still hasn't come back. Dad went missing about a month ago and I don't know if I will ever see either of them again.

Well I'm off to the store now... wish me luck

Anne Chambers

Status: Missing

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Zombie Roleplay - Doom's Falls
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